Custom Stamp Files

We accept two types of files for custom stamp: AI (or other vector file) or PNG


How to create a PNG Custom Stamp file?

  • To create a custom stamp file you will need Photoshop or you can select our Graphic Help
  • Download one of the following sizes 5×1", 5×2", 5×5"  with further instructions included

5x1", 5x2" or 5x5" template dimensions are the maximum possible sizes if you extend your design to the edges of the template.


How to create a AI Custom Stamp file?

Custom Stamp needs a vector graphics (SVG, AI, CDR, EPS) instead of raster images (JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF). Vector graphics are not sets of pixels with colors assigned to them but rather a description of lines, curves that can be understood by our lasers or machines that make stamps using chemicals.

We know that you may not know a lot about vectors and how to prepare a proper file and we have found a super good and free online converter to help you out.


1. Use the biggest JPG you can even for text. The tool below will "trace" all the pixels into curves. The bigger the input file, the more precise the result will be. 

2. All gradients will be lost and converted to a single black color.

3. Do not use backgrounds or shadows - they will be interpreted very badly