PrimaBook Design FAQ

PrimaBook is new amazingly affordable product to help you boost your sales.

To keep it at minimum cost to you, we have decided to go for digital press technology (CMYK toner). We use the same printer for our Heirloom Books line - only now we made it as lay-flat.

The new digital silk paper is robust, great to touch and print workflow is a breeze. We love the print quality as well. It feels very close to Fuji DPII Silk we use for AriaBooks.

There is one drawback though. Since toner print is essentially a powder adhered to the paper with temperature and pressure, when we crease and fold it - it may crack as shown in the image below. Pencil to show scale. 


The issue is typically less visible with light images and a lot more noticeable with dark black solid background across the fold.


Please design your book with templates that do not go over the fold line. 

If you use Smart Albums, there is one option you need to uncheck:

With Album Stomp you can use the BORDER slider to move images away from the middle line.

We are waiting for an easy solution from Fundy Designer :) 

NOTICE! If you decide to print over the crease, it's quality is not covered under our standard warranty.