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15x15cm Pocket AriaBook Slim - Set of 3
15x15cm Pocket AriaBook Slim - Set of 3
15x15cm Pocket AriaBook Slim - Set of 3

15x15cm Pocket AriaBook Slim - Set of 3

AriaBook is the quintessential flush mount album featuring photographic paper in a lay-flat design. This paper is renowned for its fantastic print quality, excellent dynamic range and durable, fingerprint/scratch resistant finish. This is a fabulous paper choice and most of our photographers offer the AriaBook as their “standard” album choice.

AriaBook Pocket a.k.a QT Pocket is an entry-level, inexpensive book for smaller sessions or a great option for gifting or adding-on to a main album. They replace our discontinued DuoBooks and can be purchased as a single copy or with a good discount on multiple copies. 

AriaBook characteristics: 

  • Classic Fuji DP2 photo paper (chemical lab process) in Lustre finish
  • 250gsm lay-flat pages (glued back to back) have the perfect thickness and tight crease
  • Professional grade longevity with print permanence rated at 80+ years

Price includes: 

  • First 5 spreads
  • A limited selection of fabrics
  • The front cover is stamped with our signature heart in gold (optional)

    Before you order:

    • Files should be at least 3600x1800px
    • Review our design guidelines
    • Average turnaround time is up to 10 business days 

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